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                ABOUT US


                Company profile

                Funtoy Industrial Co., specialized in developing and manufacturing electronic plush toy play set,cutting play set,DIY assemble gun,Gun toys and ODM products.We had pass Costco,BSCI and ISO9001 audit.

                During over twenty years‘ development,we treat the technology and quality as the soul of company and treat managerment as the foundation of development and turn sincere co-operation into business path.The unremitting summary and innovation,which by studying the advanced technology and management experience from foreign countries,we make our technology and quality surpass the same domestic industry,finally we receive good reputation from a lot of customers all over the world.

                We are able to offer OEM and ODM manufacturing services for consumers. We have everything you could need from the baby toys to experienced to airsofter, also a few things you may not have thought of.

                In the meantime,we are cordially ready to cooperate with new customers.

                Feel free to message us if you have ANY questions.